Orpha Faramelli


Product design / Consumer Goods and Services

Group project / 12 weeks


Create a new fruit and vegetables plastic bag dispenser for the brand Publi Embal


The client


Provides professional and household packaging, and disposable dishes. Publi Embal is the 1st  fabless manufacturer in France in this domain. 

Some of their products

Company brief constraints:


Field research 

We analysed the customers behavior toward the current plastic bag dispensers.



Easy labeling


Various packaging 


Not user-friendly


Choose the fruit and vegetables 

Analysis of the food waste



Europe throws 88 million tons of food waste each year.


In France 137 kg per capita of food end up in the trash every year.


 Between harvest and sale, 40% of the production volume of French agriculture is destroyed.

source: European Commission

 and Organic community

These waste could be reduced thanks to a better fruit and vegetables packaging.

Process to the concepts



WELL CONSERVED ! Offers the users different types of packing depending on their purchase(s): biodegradable bag, biodegradable with holes bag, paper bag and the possibility of a fourth bag type by adding absorbent paper.


Less food waste

2 types of bag holder


This first bag holder is for the biodegradable bags and biodegradable bags with holes. The star shaped hole and the angle (or slope) of the device allow an easier tearing.

Information for the user to identify the right bag.


exploded view


working mock up


The second bag holder is for the paper bags and the absorbent paper which is complimentary to the biodegradable bag. The pushing up system allows to have an easy grab on the bag even if its the last one.

Information for the user to identify the right bag.


exploded view


working mock up