Orpha Faramelli


Product design / Food & Beverage

Group project / 7 weeks


Create a pedal powered vehicle which offers lunch.

Market study


What people eat for lunch? 

Fast food 
Quick / Cheap 
Easy to eat on the go

Where people eat at lunch time?

At Home 

Save money


Source : Insee

Environment study : Valenciennes

«Friterie» culture
Lack of choice

In north of France most of the food trucks are Friteries. They offer several fried and grilled dishes but mostly fries. Beside that their isn't much choice in hot take away dishes. In order to stay in the French food culture, we decided to seek if there was an opportunity in selling crepes in Valenciennes.

We analysed the different restaurants, their offers (sweet and savory crepes) and their environment.
The analyse confirmed the opportunity to add a crepe food truck selling take away crepes.

Becoming a crepe seller

Be a crêpe seller to understand the user needs
Define the materials, the components, the space

What do you need to do crêpes? 
Recipe? Utensils? 



Crep’eat is a pedal powered vehicle completly equiped to make fresh crêpes to go. It has the capacity to offer two different types of crêpes salty and sweet.


Easy to eat on the go