Orpha Faramelli

A little bit more about me

Once upon a time while still a child I was bewitch into crafts :) . I created jewelry, dresses and build things from scratch. So why not make it my job? I started to study design in France to get an European Bachelor of Design. I then went to India in a partner school and graduated from a Master degree.

I chose to go to India to observe first hand and study the various aspects of this complex cultural life. I believe the key to a “good” design is to have a deep insight on peoples lifestyle, habits and culture. Living out of my comfort zone offered me this opportunity.

Passionate about learning new skills, processes, software while discovering cultures. I keep pushing my boundaries and enhance my knowledge and skills.

That might explain the fact that I like traveling, cooking and nature. There is constantly a dish you haven’t tried before, a sunset sky with different colors than the day before and there are so many countries to visit.





Some of my photograph: